Android Application Development

software-development SR Software Infotech has been monitoring Android-related developments from the start. We had specifically researched the platform during its pre-launch phase, participated in the early Google Android application contest and started to offer development of custom commercial applications for the Android platform as soon as Android-powered handsets became available on the market.
Since then, SR Software Infotech has developed multiple custom solutions for Android, from separate widgets and standalone applications to Java solutions using Web services and enterprise-level mobile clients integrated with heterogeneous corporate systems. Google Android Development.
One of the key issues in developing Android applications is dealing with the OS's fragmentation. Android's software and hardware are so diverse that it's not always easy to assure an app runs smoothly on all handsets and smartphones. SR Software Infotech’s Android development team is very familiar with the specifics of the full range of Android’s existing versions, including degree of their compatibility with different hardware. Even the simplest Android applications developed by SR Software Infotech have scalable layouts and are tested for different resolutions, while more complex apps are designed for different resolutions from the onset, often providing different behaviors for different hardware as needed. We also keep a broad range of hardware in-house to facilitate the testing.
The latest development of the Android family is its 3.x version Honeycomb designed specifically for tablet hardware. SR Software Infotech’s developers are skilled in Honeycomb and its specifics and have implemented both, adapting the UI/UX of existing apps to the new form factor and developing brand new tablet apps.

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